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    Racial Traits wording for custom ASI

    Heya! I'm trying to get "When determining your character’s ability scores, increase one of those scores by 2 and a different score by 1, or increase three different scores by 1." as a racial trait for the UA Owlfolk race. I can't seem to get it function and I found an old thread that claims at least parts of this would be impossible, but I would like to make sure. Also my search ability fails me for finding the correct wiki page to get the parser syntax for these. I've been trying to piece this together from other races. Anyone have a link handy?

    Thank you!

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    Just set the race when being built with the ASI not automated and that way it can be easily manually added to the character sheet

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    No, you can't have such a complex form of words for automatically adding racial ability bonuses. You could possibly do it by adding in a couple of subraces and having the ASI in those, but even then I don't think you can add 1 ability point to three different scores.
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