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    waterdeep tuesdays

    We have a party of 4 players at the moment.(barbarian, monk ,druid, rogue) We are 8th level. you would start there because the DM regularly tries to murder us. It is set in Waterdeep and we own the trollskull and another nearby bar. we play at 1 pm on Tuesday afternoon to about 3 or 4 UTC -5. 20 BUCKS PER SESSION
    Campaign Type: Episodic
    Campaign Length: forever
    Game Frequency: Weekly
    Primary Language: English
    Camera Needed: No
    Audio: Yes (headset only push to talk. Discord: bleederpunk#8904
    Player Experience Level: Beginner or Experienced
    GM Experience Level: High
    GM Fantasy Grounds Knowledge: High, faculty at FGC
    Roleplaying Level: Medium to high
    Combat Level: Medium to High
    Puzzle Level: Low to medium
    Mature Content (18+): Yes

    Starting Level: 8
    Ending Level: 20
    Character Restrictions: I dont think we have any.
    Ruleset / Setting D&D 5E / Waterdeep/ forgotten realms
    Starting level 8

    Server address/alias bleederpunk#8904 on discord
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