FG License: Demo now, but willing to upgrade since planning on DMing in near future anyway
Time Zone:GMT+1 UK
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I prefer weekdays in the evening, But I'm able to negotiate any time between noon and midnight any day of the week
Term: Prefer long term
Voice: Voice only

Game System Preferred: 5e but I'm open to other systems. Doesn't have to be fantasy setting.
Game System Experience: WHFRP1e for more than a decade. Some basic familiarity with DND5e and others.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Pretty much a beginner, I'm using it to support my tt game.

Character Type Preferred: No preference, but I like to have fun with them so don't expect me to be a sombre paladin or ascetic monk.
About me: 39, based in Birmingham. Some experience DMing and playing, but had a long break. I prefer more story and less fights. Would prefer the game to be social event and not a tournament or rigorous improv session. English is my second language. LGBT friendly groups only.