FG License: FGU/FGC Ultimate
Time Zone: EST
Days of the week (Evening): Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (negotiable).
All day: Saturday (open every other Saturday, or done before 8pm {AD&D on Saturday Eve}), Sunday (reasonable time frame).
Term: Short Term or Long Term
Voice: Discord preferred, open to others.
Game System Preferred: Star Wars FFG (I am open to other games).
Game System Experience: I have not yet played Star Wars, but I have read EotE the book.
I have played numerous other systems. I own alot of content books, but have forgone reading alot of them, in hopes of being a player first.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: I have run and played games on FGU, and have used FGC in the past.
Character Type: SW: Bounty Hunter, Hired Gun, etc. Other RPGs: Willing to fill shortage.
About Me: Factory worker, father, veteran, computer nerd, hockey fan, homebrewer.