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    LFP (4 to 5 players) - 5e - Time TBD (CST timezone) - Homebrew


    FG License: FGU (i.e. you can play for free)
    Game System: D&D 5E

    Homebrew World Link: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/ekeria-viktorking
    -Currently writing about an article a day, check back in for updates. Layout is a bit of a mess so it is easiest to navigate articles on the maps. I am focusing on content before UX. Layout, articles for campaign, and "presentation ready" done by July 5th.

    Time Zone: Central Standard Time
    Day of week and time: This will be a group vote, but as a baseline I'm thinking Fridays at 6 pm. I'm personally pretty wide open however.
    If new game, planned start date: Session zero will be one on one at player convenience. Official start July 9th... earlier if group is not busy with July 4th plans.
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly, 3-4 Hours. If I kind find people who want to do more, so do I.
    Term: Long-term

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 60/40 (this will vary from session to session)
    Number of Players in game & needed: 4-5
    Character starting level & equipment: Level 1, point buy for stats
    Character restrictions: I have all the supplements, but any races or classes outside of Player's Handbook needs to be approved. 5e isn't as bad as other editions for bloat, but there is a little bit of OP stuff I need to keep an eye on.
    -Bladesingers and Bladesinger spells not allowed.
    -No Evil Characters
    My expectations of players: Be on time, try to give 48 hours notice if you'll miss a session. Two consecutive missed sessions and you will be dropped.

    Details of your scenario: You and your party are in the Grand duchy of Clifia. The Baron of Curun is seeking a group to investigate disappearances along the Eastern Road. There are many suspects, there are ruins to the south haunted by undead, Gnolls in the grasslands, Devil worshipping cults from Weslania, and Bandits suspected.

    Campaign and World:

    The campaign itself will be "low magic". I hesitate to use the term as magic exists and is not unknown to commoners but relative to the Forgotten Realms it is lower. A high level NPC is considered 10th level though some in the 20's exist.

    Wizards and Sorcerer's have some RP restrictions (world related) but not mechanical ones beyond some related to magical item creation. Warlocks are not part of that RP restriction. If you intend to play and Arcane Spellcasting class, we can discuss how Magic Users are treated in the world, and ways to get around it if you don't like it. However there are RP consequences for "going rogue".

    Humans are encouraged for RP reasons, but other races are ok. You'll just need to deal with suspicious humans and a backstory on why your character is there.

    Party composition can be anything. I don't care if it's an entire party of rogues. Create a character you will have fun doing RP for and that speaks to you.

    About Me: I have been playing for 20 years now. I'm a little new on 5e rules though I've run a couple campaigns. I run a small business and make my own hours, so if the group is willing and able to play more, I would very much like to do so. However I understand everyone has lives, so I am ok either way.

    Play with me can be a bit lethal at times, but you are generally not put into situations you can't run away from. I.e. if you charge 20 orcs by yourself at level 1, don't expect a deus ex machina to save you. Keep in mind that if you kill the King and make camp less than a days travel away, you may wake up surrounded by his knights on horseback. I did not put you in that position, your decisions did. I think the game is intrinsically less fun if there is no threat of death. I don't like to play Inventory Simulator 2021 more than anyone else, but I like the weight system (and how unity does it automatically) as well as some common sense.

    I generally prefer parties that like to solve their problems with brains rather than brawn. For example, in the Temple of Elemental Evil (if you've been playing long enough to know what that is ha ha) you can turn factions against each other with careful play. I also like it when the party makes the fight "unfair" by preparing ahead of time and using their creativity. I also like to create scenarios where this is possible for the players. I think there are some video games that do turn based battle sim better than pen and paper can. What makes pen and paper stand out is that you can get creative in battlefield preparation and manipulating your enemies. Some people enjoy combat heavy play, and there is nothing wrong with that. Indeed, some sessions will be dominated by combat (when in a dungeon), but the most enjoyable parts for me are the roleplay.

    On a final note, if you play a session or two and don't enjoy it, simply say so. Any campaign I come up with will not and cannot be objectively good to every player and their preferences. I have seen some players afraid to make their unhappiness known for fear of offending someone and they drag out their inevitable departure for weeks. This makes it less fun for everyone despite the good intentions behind it. The only consideration you should have when deciding to continue is your own enjoyment... period.

    Please comment below if your interested and I'll PM you. I can be bad about responding to PM's without seeing a comment first.
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    I would be interested in this game.

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    I would be interested in this game.

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    If your accepting novice tabletop players then I would love to join!

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    My wife and I would be interested in joining. She's 41 and I'm 36. We have played 5e for about 5 years. Feel free to dm me with any questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roberth View Post
    I would be interested in this game.
    Thank you Roberth, I'll send you a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearCLaw333 View Post
    I would be interested in this game.
    Thank you BearCLaw, I'll send you a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by idontknowwhat View Post
    If your accepting novice tabletop players then I would love to join!
    Definitely know problem if you're a novice. I'll send you a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowsiff22 View Post
    My wife and I would be interested in joining. She's 41 and I'm 36. We have played 5e for about 5 years. Feel free to dm me with any questions.
    Awesome, I look forward to playing with you guys.

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    Never sure if I'm supposed to PM or leave something in the thread for these listings. But put me on the list I suppose.

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