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    Player looking for PF2e game!

    Was a big PF1e player for quite awhile. Since moving away from the friends who I was playing with, I haven't been able to play anymore until recent. Looking to get back into it as a player. My schedule is a bit awkward, but I'm looking for a game any time on Saturdays as long as it end by 8pm est. Sundays as long as it ends by 5pm est. Mondays after 8pm est. Tuesdays as long as it ends before 8pm est. I know that my requested times/days might cause issue, which is why I'm just putting this out there in hopes that someone is running a game during those periods. If not, have fun with your games everyone!

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    If you find games for the Monday nights slots I would be able to make that. I have plenty of characters created and ready to roll. Loving 2e but not a lot of time to meet with my normal group lately.

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