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    Mac player map issue

    All of my players except one are using a pc. The mac player (2017 mac, unsure on which os yet) is having a new issue. Previously she was able to view maps like everyone else. Now, all she sees is black with grid lines. My reshaping the map, re-entering, her scrolling - all fail to fix the issue. If I remove line of sight, lighting, and masking she can see the map. No one else on a pc has this issue and her pc is set the same as theirs. Any idea what might be causing the issue? If like to go back to los and lighting if possible.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    My first guess is to ensure she is clicking on her token to turn on the vision for that token. There should be a ring around the token when enabled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    ANow, all she sees is black with grid lines.
    This is what a player will see when one of these conditions apply;
    - They do not have a token from the CT on the map
    - Their CT token linked PC does not have a light source, their is no ambient light, or they do not have darkvision.

    To try and solve, delete their token from the map, re-add from the CT. Have them left-click select their token on the map. Add darkvision or a light effect to their PC in the CT.

    Screen shots from the GM of the map, tokens and CT will help resolve.

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