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    Error with 4e DMG data module in Unity


    My last (and only) computer class was in the 1980s so please help an old fella out.

    In classic FG my 4e data works just fine. In Unity - I get an ERROR when loading the DMG data. PHB data seems to load.

    Says = ERROR Process Data File (4E Dungeon Master's Guide): Reference to undeclared entity 'shy'. Line 47547, position 54.

    Any ideas what happened?

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    No idea without seeing the data files. The XML parser in FGC was sort of "loose"; and the FGU parser uses a different library which requires data to be well-formed.

    You'd have to open up the module data (db.xml) from the module at that line to review what the data around it shows; and then make sure it is valid well-formed XML.


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    I had this same issue and had to manually edit the .xml and .db files to remove this ­ piece. This is just a bad parsing of the hyphen character.
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