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    Option to search through database via traits

    Hello again everyone.

    I tried the forum search first but found no fitting topic. Hopefully I did overlook a topic asking the same question.

    Is there any option to use the search bar in the "Items", "Spells" or even "Feats" window to search for more than a name?
    The system is aware and lists the respective Traits of a weapon or the prerequisites of a Feat in a separate column. Could we maybe search for those?

    There were already quite a few situations where I just quickly wanted to check which weapons have the "Agile" or "Reach" trait or reduce the list of Feats to those with a "Stealth" prerequisite for the Rogue player in my session, who just reached Master Proficiency in Stealth.

    Thanks in advance for any help and any option I might have missed.

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    There's not an option to do this currently. I have it on the list of potential future functionality.
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