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    Spell attack and save miscalculations (5e)

    I noticed this error last month, though I'm not sure how long this issue has been going on. In both my campaigns (5e), the calculations for the spell attack rolls and DC saves are wrong. They automatically opt for "Group DC" rather than based on 8 + ability modifier + proficiency. This is true for existing spells and for new spells I add in.

    There are previous threads from years ago about this issue (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-Spell-Save-DC) but I can't find solutions. I use only official modules, no other extensions. Any recommendations?

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    The group in question is the spell group which should be set to the correct ability assuming the character has been created correctly. That being the case the spell save DCs will be correct. If you are not seeing this then check that you test in a new campaign without extensions. If you still see an error then can you provide some screenshots showing enough info to show that the calculation is incorrect.
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    Here is the automatic calculation of a new character in a new campaign, with only the 5E SRD modules loaded. The same exact issue occured when I added in the D&D Basic Rules.


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    The same is true for standard attacks as well - I believe the dagger is not calculating the dexterity modifier

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    Click on the little magnifying glass to the right of the Spell (Wizard) xxx bar/line. It should open up a window similar to the others, but will indicate what the ability modifier is for that group is. It will look something like this;
    Screen Shot 06-23-21 at 05.31 PM.PNG

    You can correct it there. But of more interest is how did this character get created? Drag and Drop or the Character Wizard or imported or...?

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    They were made with the character wizard. The same issue occurs if I drag and drop new spells into their character sheet once they're created.

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    There was an issue where the ability was not getting set correctly for spell groups in the character wizard that should be fixed with the update on Tuesday. Are you still seeing the issue for newly created characters since then?


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