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    Slow Token Movement

    I know this is not a 5e specific thing, but is anyone else experiencing slow player token movement? I fired up both my computers and have them side-by-side and I notice that any movement by the DM shows up really slowly on the player's computer. However, when the player moves a token it is an immediate move on the DMs computer. Why slow one way and fast the other? I even went in and turned off all my extensions and no change. I am even doing this with just one token on the combat tracker and on the map.

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    Yes, I've seen this as well and I believe its high on the list to investigate: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...update-v4-1-4)

    There are a couple workarounds I've found, mentioned in the above thread - disabling lighting for the map OR using token lock for all movement (GM holds ALT when moving a token to activate token lock mode).

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    Edit, Oh wait, my bad. It's the DM token movement that is slow. When the DM moves a monster that token's move is very slow on the player's side of things. The DM does not use the Token Lock movement and approval. I'm not sure what I was thinking with the reply below.

    Hey, that did it! Yeah, the token lock works just great. Click the check mark and the token flies!

    I had taken video on my phone with my computers next to each other and it shows just how slow the player shows the DM token movement, but I did not upload it; I could if needed. This really should be a priority for SmiteWorks.

    Now to start re-installing all my mod and extension files. I don't think they were the culprit. But I'll post again if I find they contributed to the slowness. Thanks, Ecks!
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    The DM can also use the Token Lock movement by holding the ALT key when starting to move the token. The DM can then approve the move the same way as if a player moved the token with token lock enabled. In my testing this has worked around the slow movement seen by players when the DM moved the token.

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    Ahhh, there we go... and that did it! I appreciate your help so very much.

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