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    How many extensions do you run?

    So i put effort into only using mods or exts that really provide value to me ..which i normally define as making my DM load a little lighter to manage. I keep things updated and only get exts from well know / proven authors/devs.

    But i was a bit surprised when i realized i rely consistently on 6 extentions which i use every 5e game. (I used 8 before but got rid of 2 since they didnt really add much value).

    Two questions...

    First this is for my own curiosity to gauge if I'm using more or less extensions than other DMs. How many extensions do you use on a regular basis and you cant see doing without?

    Second, i know security is talked about from time to time ...using 6 exts, from well known author/devs and keeping them updated ...is that still a huge danger zone security wise?


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    I think as a general rule, if you need it then use it, if it is just something that looks cool but isn't really being used, then drop it. For instance, if you have a polymorph extension but nobody is doing that, it is probably a waste of memory to load it until you need it.

    Securitywise, the extensions are limited to data within your campaign and are totally walled off from the rest of your PC by Fantasy Grounds.

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    I use on average 2-3 extensions, none of which I need - they're just QoL stuff and I'll use different ones depending on the system and the campaign.

    Fantasy Grounds restricts code that runs to keeping within the application, so "security" isn't really an issue - assuming you download an .ext file that does contain FG code... The issue is compatibility - extensions use code that overrides the base code. Some extensions can be pretty much stand alone, but others will modify common code that: 1) needs to be kept updated as that base common code changes, and 2) has the potential to clash with other extensions which also modify or use that common code. The more extensions you run the more chances you have of there being an incompatibility or a clash. And, whereas sometimes you'll get an error, often you won't get an error and things appear to run OK - but there'll be some functionality that isn't working as it should and you may not even notice.
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    I use an absurd number of extensions in my current campaign. 14 all told. None of them are critical and all are QoL and for fun.
    1 theme (from FG-Con website)
    1 custom decal (I made for the campaign, from the FG Con tutorial)
    Automatic Mirror Image - because one of my players casts this spell all the time and asked me to get it
    Improved Crits* - cause we like it as a house rule
    NPC Flavors* - cause its funny
    Local Dice Tower* - cause my players like it and it makes it easier to ask for hidden rolls
    All 8 of Mad Nomad's extensions - because he is one of my players, it good to test for him, and my players enjoy them

    * these are the ones I usually run in most campaigns, but not in one-shots, and depending upon player buy-in for crit house rules.

    All except for Mad Nomad's & Mirror Image have been around for years. MN's get updated by the next session when we find issues or suggestions. Mirror Image was updated by the time I got around to looking for the update after the one bug we experienced some months ago.

    Our group and campaign are very stable. Hence why I'm comfortable running so many extensions for this campaign. Normally I would not use any that alter the database or character sheets, but since the developer is in my campaign, I'm confident that between the two of us we can resolve anything I might want sometime in the future (i.e. stop using the extension, extract data etc).

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    I bounce between about 38 and 45 extensions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudin View Post
    I bounce between about 38 and 45 extensions
    How much time do you spend dealing with or being affected by conflicts?

    Problems? See; How to Report Issues, Bugs & Problems
    On Licensing & Distributing Community Content
    Community Contributions: Gemstones, 5E Quick Ref Decal, Adventure Module Creation, Dungeon Trinkets, Balance Disturbed, Dungeon Room Descriptions
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    Not too much honestly. I spend more time just double checking for updates and downloading them then I do working on conflicts. Given I run so many, if I ever do run into issues, it isn't very quick to determine what combinations is causing it.

    For the most part, any issue I have had hasn't been major and just throws up a momentary inconvenience during the session. Half the time it is just me or my player not understanding/remembering how the extensions are supposed to work.

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    I use the following "Major" extensions, which provide some extensive new stuff:

    5E Critical Essentials (because running druids and polymorph without an extension is too much like hard work)
    TTRPG safety kit (just in case)
    Syrinscape Sounds (because of awesomeness)
    NPC Maker (I reskin and revamp NPCs a LOT)
    Mad Nomad's Combat Stats (because stats are fun)
    Mad Nomad's Combat Sheet Tweaks (purely for the count-down HP rather than count-up wounds)
    Better Menus (Because screen space)
    5E Modifier Buttons (Because I remember stuff much more easily when there is a button)
    Portals (because I run games with rifts in reality and it is so fun to have the characters able to dive through them by themselves)
    5E Indicators (because it is SO useful in big combats to have the indicators)

    I also use a whole bunch of the "automatic" extensions which do a single job well, so I don't forget in combat:
    Death Resistance
    Elemental Adept
    Flanking and Range
    Halfling Luck
    Mirror Image
    Shield Master

    plus other Team Twohy utilities: Hexblade Curse, Skip Dead, Turn-Based Effects, Ongoing Save Effects, Clear Dead, Link Fill, Select on Turn

    Again these mostly do one tightly-defined job well.

    So about 23 typically. I turn off some of the auto ones if they aren't appropriate to any PCs in the current party (eg Elemental Adept, Hexblade's Curse) but they generally these ones are single-purpose and don't tend to mess other things up anyway so they're usually OK to leave on whatever.

    Cheers, Hywel

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    I use one which changes the DM portrait. I used to to use two - the second being Message of the Day - but since that's now built into the code I'm down to one.

    The use or non use of extensions is really down to the user as some have noted above. I've used 'extensions' in other games like Civilization VI, 7 Days to Die, City Skylines etc, but ultimately they turned out to be more trouble that they're worth when the base code changes and the extension no longer functions. So I have never got into using extensions in FG much. But I do see a number of extensions which look pretty cool. If I were to dip a toe into more extension use it would be using one or two simple ones that don't do a great deal. I'd still stay away from some of those that heavily modify the base code.
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    As someone who likes to make extensions, I tend to use quite a few. All too often my DM will have an idea mid game and request an extension to address the issue. I do spend a fair amount of time making sure they are compatible with each other and updating them. Current count is 67. I keep a list of the ones I use that is mostly up to date.

    Feel free to check and see if any interest you.
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