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    FG Paizo Organized Play @ PAX Online 2021 July 15th - 18th

    PAX Online signups are handled exclusively through warhorn.

    "For PAX Online, basic badges (which gain you access to all Paizo Organized Play opportunities) are free. PAX Online also has an upgraded badge for $15, which you can find details on here. "

    June 26th, 6 PM EDT (UTC-4) [presumably June 26th, 10 PM UTC]: Player Sign-Ups Open

    Games I'll likely run on FG Unity (note there is a small risk this could still change):

    SF One-Shot #1: Band on the Run (level 4 pregens) Sat Jul 17, 7 PM UTC

    SFS Intro #2: For the Factions (1-2) Sun Jul 18, 7 PM UTC

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    Hi Stephan. As I said on the other thread, I'm trying to get back into SFS so I'm looking for Tier 1-4 games. Trouble is 7pm UTC is difficult for me. If there is any chance the Intro #2 game would move to a 1pm slot I'd jump on it.

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    As this one is a US con, the slots are unfortunately 7 PM UTC and 1 AM UTC ( so no 1 PM UTC slot) [vast majority of scenario slots also filled by now]. I posted more details about alternatives in the other thread.

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