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    How to Handle Tactician Edge

    I have a player with a character that has the Tactician edge.

    There's no rules automation for this edge. I haven't figured out a good way to handle this.

    I can deal an extra card in combat tracker, but we have to watch for which cards appear so he knows which he can hand out. The character has imp level-headed, quick, and master tactician. That's a lot of cards to watch.

    I can't use the "share hand" option because that comes out of the main deck, which affects joker appearance.

    My solution was to add a character to CT named "Tactician" and gave it the level headed edge so it draws two cards.

    Any suggestion on how to handle this edge?

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    I played with this a bit (note I am using the 5.3 test version, so this might work slightly different than the Live version). I tried drag/drop cards both from the tools deck and also manually dealing an extra card for the Tactician character. Neither worked - both thew off an error.

    The NPC Tactician in the CT is likely the way to go. Although as an aside, I am not sure the reason you have to give it Level Headed. Its an extra Action card that has to be used or discarded at the start of the round. So it should (IMO) just be a one Action card draw.

    The below worked pretty well for me in paying around (mostly writing it out for my own thinking/use as I have had in my game at the table).

    For the character:
    1. Create an NPC named Tactician (or Tactician 1 and Tactician 2 for Improved).
    2. Drag/Drop them onto the character sheet in the Allies section of the player that has the Tactician Edge.

    When adding PCs to the CT
    1. Add PCs to the CT, then do add Allies and it will put the Tactician(s) under the same card as the PC.
    2. Hit the Ungroup Item button for the Tactician NPC (s) (this is 5.3, 5.2 you would have to drag them out of the group)

    For the combat itself
    1. Make sure the NPC Tactician is in the CT and will get its own Action card (its not grouped)
    2. After the cards have been dealt, resolve if any player is going to use the Tactician Action Card. Best would be after the cards are dealt (Chat has Dealing Cards) but before the Combat Flag moves onto the first Action card.
    3. If a player accepts it, in the CT drag them into a Group using the Tactician's Action Card (real easy in 5.3 since you drop the PC link onto the Action card you want to group).
    4. Then immediately take them out of the group and it give the same action card to the PC. You will want to verify this if using pre-5.3 (it may revert back to their card - I did not test it).
    5. Then run through the order as normal.

    Initially I tried this with the PC going on hold and jumping the Action Flag around. The problem with my first approach was it would mess up any effects that had a timer or Shaken effects (I use auto roll to come off shaken - it saves the "thats a spirit roll, right?" that is inevitably asked way too many times). The grouping/ungrouping approach keeps the timed Effects on schedule.

    While not ideal, this worked well for my playing around in FG.

    Let me know if you come up with something slicker.

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    Pretty close to what I'm doing. Great minds (I give it level headed so it draws 2 cards for master tactician.) I have only 1 "npc" to find in CT because I have trouble finding characters in CT, for some reason. I click the "show cards" button and drag the cards to the indicated characters.

    I didn't think to group players under the tactician "npc". That will be easier in 5.3.

    Dragging cards should not throw an error. You can do that in 5.2 and it works just fine. You should bring that to Ikael's attention.

    I'm thinking about an extension that would put cards into a window that the player could drag into CT.

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    I was dragging a card to the action card in the CT - that is what is throwing the error.

    But I did not realize you could drag the card from the Tactician to another character in the CT by showing the cards (I have learned several tricks today). Once its to another character, they have the choice of the card anyway.

    So I see what you are saying - yeah, Improved Level Headed would work for the Tactician card. Its gets deal 2 cards, you distribute as needed, and the player's spot in the CT should adjust (cleaner than doing the groupings).

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