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    Automatic damage

    I think I caused a crash, when I input a creature which always hits (like dragon breath) and always does the same amount of damage (I input 1d1+2), because it does 3 pts of damage every round.

    It also has a bite attack which does 1d6 damage which hits in the normal way. Does anyone have any ideas how FG could handle this within its system, or is it just a question of circuiting it?

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    You are going to have to fudge something like this. Your first problem is FG does not have a 1d1 so it would not recognize this as a valid die code. You could update the ruleset to add one but it is probably not worth the effort.

    As a work around you can make a die code "/die 3 Dragon Breath" that would always do 3 damage. The parser will not recongize this in the monster personality though.

    If you just want some thing to remind you of what the to hit and damage is plus the Bite you could enter something like: [Always Hit] Breath +0 (/die 3 Breath) or Bite +1 (1d6)

    The parser would except this but the first entry damage entry is not functional however it does parse so the part after the "or" works normally. The advantage of the (/die code) is to remind you of what to make on a hot key.

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    Thanks for this - there's plenty of upgrades left for FG3, then!

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