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    Players can not move their tokens on the map (unusal player token movement behaviour)

    Hello guys,

    we had three sessions after the big dynamic lighting update and since then "no" player token movement is possible. If a player move their token some akward things are happening like NSC tokens are moved or it move in the wrong direction.

    - Normal map which was fully opertational before the update (we tried a lot of more maps and no improvement was recorded)
    - deactivated token lock of course
    - tried to reconnect, as I mentioned it is our third session without token movement
    - tried to deactivate all the modules

    In DM mode Token movement works fine, all other player actions like rolling dices etc. are fully operational.

    Please help because the gaming expierence is not that strong since that issue occured (today we have our next session).

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    - Try removing the PCs from the combat tracker and their token from the map, then re-adding them to the combat tracker and finally dragging the token from the new PC entry in the combat tracker.
    - What ruleset are you using?
    - What extensions do you have loaded?
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    Thank you for the quick response.

    I will try that. As I remember, I have not removed the PC from the CT yet.

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    Always test without extensions to see if an extension is causing the issue - especially after a big update which can make extensions non functional. And check to see if the extensions have recently been updated to work with the latest release.
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    FYI the Attunement Tracker extension is no longer needed since the functionality is now built in.

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    Thank you

    Hello thank you so much for you support. Your hints worked and we had a session without issues. I deactivated my extensions and deleted all PC from the combat tracker afterwards it worked.

    Quote Originally Posted by Griogre View Post
    FYI the Attunement Tracker extension is no longer needed since the functionality is now built in.
    Thank you for mentioning. I deactivated it.

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