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    DM looking for players / DM BUSCANDO JUGADORES

    Hi, i have ultime versión for both classic and unity and i'm looking a group of players to play and have fun with. Doesn't matter if you are new to the hobbie or veteran, only matter that you wanna play.
    Heres my discord profile: MR.DEATH#9285
    And my steam friend code: 176351827
    Add me on those and we can talk. I'm flexive with time and can adapt to the group needs but i need at least 3 players so we can make a schedule. P.D: English it's not my born language (I'm from uruguay), and i can make some misspelling or misspronunciation, sorry!

    Buenas, estoy buscando jugadores para jugar y divertirse, tengo la ultimate de FG classic y Unity. No importa si sos nuevo en el hobbie o hace años que jugas, la principal es querer participar y jugar.
    Aca dejo mi discord: MR.DEATH#9285
    Aca mi steam: 176351827
    Me agregan por ahi, los acepto y arreglamos. Mi horario es flexible y no tengo problemas, pero lo ideal es contar con almenos 3 players para realizar un horario mas arreglado y en el que todos estemos deacuerdo.

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    What system and time zone?

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    D&D 5E for the most time, if we get bored we can change or try other system. And time zone: GMT-3

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