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    I'm happy for consistency.

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    FGCC Fantasy Grounds Community College

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisRevocateur View Post
    Actually, when this poll first went up all the options were abbreviated as FGC or FGU, so the desire to rebrand had nothing to do with product confusion at all. It's been other people bringing up the product confusion as just one thing to think about in this decision to rebrand in the first place.

    Your little circle of players may refer to them as classic and unity instead of FGC and FGU, but the vast majority of text communication about the products use those exact abbreviations, regardless of what you do.

    Fantasy Grounds College only has brand recognition to those that already know about Fantasy Grounds in the first place. I assure you, it's NOT known outside of the Fantasy Grounds community, so having a different name going forward is going to have little, to no, impact on referring new people who are just discovering Fantasy Grounds to a place to learn how to use it.

    To reiterate my main point though, this rebranding is not because of product confusion so you don't need to be so mad about it.
    Who's mad? They can call it willy wonkas vtt training academy if they so desire. I stated my opinion, no more, no less.

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