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    Printing character sheet using Mac OSx

    I'm trying to print Fantasy grounds character sheets. I found the following links:

    Using xalan: The parameters they use (-in, -html, etc) all don't exist with the xalan I installed, don't know if that is a mac vs linux thing.

    Using a webtool: After uploading and clicking print, it just says Uploaded!, without giving an option to print.

    Mac tool: Is made for old OS version and doesn't work on new one.

    Another tool: Has an .exe that doesn't work on Mac.

    Are there any other tools that work on mac, or a way to make any of the above ones work?


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    Just a few posts above is

    The site doesn't look like it is getting updated or maintained really. I tried to contact them about this problem. But the link I provided will let you edit the exported file and upload to that site and it should still work.

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