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    4 players want our own private DM. weekly, weekday evening, dnd 5e RAW vanilla

    We are happy to pay for a regular weekly game. It'd be M/T/W evenings, 3-4hrs, EST.
    We want a private game. We know DMs like 6-10 players for income.
    We'd offer comparable to at least 6, and with the assurance of a regular meal ticket.
    We don't like Level 1, and were hoping for 4-6 to start, or at least very fast tracked.
    Pretty standard wargamers, dungeon crawlers, more tactical play than roleplay, really.
    We'd like to see a resume of sorts and ideally some streamed example of play.
    We're all old gaming grognards who played AD&D - and it shows.
    Interested? Gimme a ring!
    dinosnider666#5441 Discord.

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    hey dude doom hippy here added you on discord got a few days been dming 15 years etc i do ad&D as well my main post theres videos up of a travller game on other pst as well cheers
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    Hello, i saw your Post online about looking for a DM, and i wanted to follow up with you and see if id be able to fill this position for you,

    ive been DMing for about 6 years now, and playing for 10. i ran quite a few games at my local brick and mortar before lockdown happened, and i have been having the DM itch for a while now, i usually play more theater of the mind style, because it lends to more descriptive story telling, and i can change things on the fly if needed, but i am willing to set up specific boards for important events. the oldest version of the game i played was Ad&d 2.5, that game went on for a couple years before we transitioned into 5e where i have learned the entire system back to front, i am very much a DM that works with RAW, but im always open to reflavoring things.

    my specialty when it comes to DMing is making the world react to the players actions, i DM by having a wire frame of a campaign idea, and then letting the players organically explore and get to the story their own way. i will admit that this only works with a group of players that want to interact with the world and not just play passively for me to throw encounters at.

    if you and your group are still interested id love to Try DMing for you, im fine with not starting at lvl 1 since i know it gets Grindy, and no one likes dying to a Cr 1/4 or CR 1/8. i usually either start at 3, 4, or 5. to let people get their characters a kind of unique feeling before and then let them be molded by the world and their interactions.

    id be interested in talking more and seeing if we are a good fit for DMing for you,

    On Discord im AeroVector #5030
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    Hello there! I have sent you a friend request on discord (Lord_Of_Cattagators#1389) I think I can deliver what you are wanting I would happily be willing to set a demonstration game for you and your group I have 5+ years of DMing experience in systems varying from 3x to pathfinder to 5e to only war to Polaris if you want tactical war game style dungeon crawls I can definitely do that I've been a strategy gamer all my life and I can push you and your characters to think on the fly and work hard for those victories I also own all core books for Fantasy grounds to allow for easy RAW character sheets if your interested please let me know.

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