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    IMO, it looks kind of strange when shadows are cast from inside the wall instead of at the wall edge as you explore around. The walls also block movement, so with the wall LOS defined inside the walls, it allows the players to move into the wall space, draw LOS through corners, etc. That said, I do like being able to see more of the map. There are often really cool details visible inside the walls that get obscured with the LOS definitions at the very edge.

    I had requested a larger peak through amount earlier when we were designing this, but Carl pointed out that there were some issues with larger amounts. Occasionally it would allow you to see through both walls into a second adjoining room when the walls were really thin -- for instance, secret doors. This is also a problem with drawing the lines inside the walls. Hiding secret passages becomes more challenging. The amount you can adjust it for is very dependent upon the specific map in question.

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    I'm firmly in the "show more of the wall depth" camp. I always draw my own LOS with a good inset so the players can see into the wall, only coming the "full distance" to the wall edge where it is important to ensure LOS is correctly blocked for things like doors and sharp corners.

    Cheers, Hywel

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    I'd also like to see more of the wall/boundary when possible.

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    I also prefer 2-3 pixels inside the wall and set my own maps up this way.
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    I'm in the camp of a little more wall, too.

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    This is an issue anyone drawing LOS boundaries will notice very quickly. I drew wall boundaries on a dungeon following the edges of the wall precisely and very quickly noticed that players entering the dungeon were rats in a pitch black walled maze instead of a crypt. Ended up reverting the whole map from box-shape walls to single line walls drawn in the middle of the wall graphic. That way the players can see the textures of the walls from both sides. There is however issues with movement with players being able to walk in to the walls, this isn't really issue at least for me personally, except when token lock is on. In that case when a PC token ends up bumping in to a wall with planned movement, he gets stuck in between squares and cannot plan his way back on to the squares. Is it not possible to disallow token movement for half-squares?

    For aesthetic difference see examples:

    Box walls:

    Single line walls:

    From aesthetic point of view, I think it's clear which approach is better. From token locked planned movement perspective, box walls are better.
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    One of the things I found I liked about Dungeondraft with FGU is that the walls overlap into the floor and this means that if you draw your wall occluder where the floor ends you get a nice aesthetic (pic below).

    The core of the issue isn't anyone opposed to overlap, its FG is often forced to use maps that were not designed for VTTs. Black and white (or old school blue and white) maps are just particularly problematic since their colors can look very much like the edge of LOS vision instead of a wall. Likewise small stamp pieces. You can see the issue with Shockbolt's Kickstarter tile stamps.

    My only suggestion for the current system is instead of a proportional offset into the wall based on grid size to just use a constant offset of a fixed number of pixels, ie 4-6 - and see if it works better. But no solution, is going to play nice with all maps and secret doors.
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