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    Issues With Party Vision (for 1 year now)

    Hi FGU members

    I have an issue with what my players can see, which must be an issue with how I am implementing vision. For background: I play with 4 PCs using LOS and the newly implemented light mechanic.

    So what I want:

    I want my players to have to depend on communications / items / spells to see and hear what the other PCs see, e.g. what they can see around the corner.

    However: If I do not inlcude the players in party vision (right click token -> visibility -> include in party vision) they can not see anything (just grid and blackness)

    settings Ive used:

    - mark sensitive visibility (cant see players that move out of vision - works as intended)
    - Party vision and movement option: off
    - use with and without "Masking" map
    - use walls and lightings ( work great)

    I just want Player A to only be able to click Player A token. But If player A clicks token from player B, he can see Player B's vision. Is there a way to limit what Player A can click?

    -> everything Ive read is "just remove from party vision and they can only see their own token movement / vision)
    this is not the case for me. Is there some configuration I have not taken in to account? Ive tried so many times and changed every variable I can think of, I cant switch off party vision without also taking all vision from the PCs.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    This is handled by Party Vision and Movement in Options. When that is set to Off then a player will only see what their token sees when they click on their token. If they control more than one token they can switch between them. Players can only select the tokens they have control over. With Party vision on then any player can click on any token and see what that token sees.

    With the addition of lighting each token will need a light source or a special vision type if there is no lighting on the map. A token will be able to use the light carried by another token if they have one.

    However it sounds like this isn't what you are looking for so I'm not exactly sure what it is that you want.
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    If all they see is black and you have party vision off it sounds like the PCs don't have any additive light source or they are not clicking on their tokens.

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