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    I’ll add recommended grid sizes and resolution when I get the chance to look them all up. I’ll include that on future maps as well.

    I used Inkarnate to make the maps. Most of the assets from these maps are older dundjinni assets. I have a lot of Gabriel Pickard’s assets as well. Textures are a mix.

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    Today's map: The lost shrine of Bastet.The Lost Shrine of Bastet.JPG
    Recommended grid size: 52x52
    Resolution: 1401x1402
    In my campaign, I have placed this lost tomb, a shrine to Bastet, in Valachan. In order to return home, the PCs will have to come to this tomb and appease the souls who were angered by Ghedrar, centuries before, who defiled it.(Ghedrar is an NPC in the Primeval Thule campaign. I ran Heart of Nightfang Spire for them and replaced Gulthias with Ghedrar.) After killing Ghedrar, the PCs unwittingly unleashed the army of undead within the spire, on the people of the land. Now, they have been tasked by Sister Uthlita to find the Staff of Asura, an artifact capable of wiping out the undead. All Asura could provide was a glove fashioned from the leather of a displacer beast. When worn, the glove acts as a talisman and literally points the wearer in the right direction. (Out to sea, where the PCs will have to sail through the Titan's Grasp to enter the mists) Once the PCs cleanse the tomb, they will receive the information they need to locate the staff, which Ghedrar his hidden within Yaguara's Heart and protected with vile enchantments. They must animate Urik Kharkov as a revenant, retrieve the staff, and destroy Chakuna's heart. (If the druid in the party consumes the heart, he will be granted a nice boon from Bastet) Urik will have to sail into the mists with the party and chant a prayer, and as they make their way out of Valachan, Urik fades away, returning to Pantara lodge as the dark lord of Valachan.
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    The Temple of Bastet Level oneTemple of Bastet Level 1.JPG
    Recommended grid size 24x24
    Resolution 2008x2008
    This is the lowest level of the temple and serves as a burial chamber. The level can only be accessed from the stairs that descend from the prior level. The center of the level is a maze, consisting of corridors that are 5 feet in width and only four feet tall. It was designed for two reasons. In spiritual terms, it represents the journey taken by the soul, once it departs to the afterlife. In the minds of the builders, this journey is filled with twists and turns. The maze is also filled with traps, to deal with would-be grave robbers. Medium size creatures, other than dwarves, will have to crawl to get through the maze, at 1/4 normal speed. Other spells, such as passwall or fly will allow for normal movement. The walls of the maze are made of stone and are 1 foot thick. They extend to the ceiling.

    Outside of the maze, bas relief carvings in the stonework of the floor depict the journey of a soul as it passes into the afterlife. Two cleansing chambers on the south side of the map contain pools of stagnant water and stone tables that were used in the preparation of the bodies for washing and embalming. A character with a DC 15 religion check will be able to surmise what the carvings portray and what the cleansing chambers are for. A DC 13 intelligence or insight check should allow a PC to deduce that two important people were buried here.

    Behind secret doors on the east and west side respectively, lie two crypts with sarcophagi and funerary urns. The items here have been defiled and the mummified bodies removed. The PCs will need to restore the bodies to their rightful places and sanctify the areas.
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    Entrance to Yaguara's Heart.JPG
    Recommended grid size 25x19
    Resolution 2676x2008
    The most secret of secret places in Valachan, Yaguara’s Heart lies at the center of a maze of mountains southwest of Pantara Lodge. Within this canyon
    lies a small, crumbling temple nestled among treacherous cliffs and grasping forest. In the blood-painted caverns hidden beneath the temple lies a stone
    altar bearing the still-beating heart of Darklord Chakuna. Here, an aspiring Darklord can perform a ritual to consume Chakuna’s heart and take her place as
    ruler of Valachan, or destroy it and loose the sapient rage of the rain forest on anyone trapped within the domain’s borders. Only Chakuna, the displacer
    beast Yana, and von Kharkov’s remains know the location of Chakuna’s heart and how to claim her power.

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    Battlemap Yaguara's Heart

    Yaguara's Heart.JPG
    Recommended Grid Size 40x40
    Resolution 2007x2007

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    The Titan's Grasp.JPG
    Recommended grid size 60x60
    Resolution 2004x2007
    Used as a skill challenge to navigate through the Titan's Grasp to the mists of Ravenloft leading to Valachan. If the skill challenge fails, all is not lost. The nearby island and nearby shipwrecks provide ample resources to construct a raft. The passage must be traversed by means of ship. If the party attempts to fly or water-walk, the mist dissipates to no avail. Swimming through the treacherous waters would require the most difficult of athletics checks and might result in drowning.
    The Titan's Grasp.JPG (Fixed out of place assets and touched up titan hand)
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    Temple of Bastet Level 2

    Temple of Bastet Level 2.JPGRecommended grid size 20x20
    Resolution 1860x2003

    This level was where the workers who built the pyramid ate, slept and crafted items necessary in the construction. It lacks most of the aesthetics of the rest of the tomb in accordance to the workers' social status. One hallway includes dyed floors that depict the efforts of laborers in various tasks. Within the main workroom, a bas relief symbol of Bastet marks the deity's favor upon the laborers who honor her through their work.
    Some time ago, tomb robbers excavated the ceiling in the northwest portion of the chamber. This is the only means of access to the tomb, as there are no entrances built into the construction. The workers who built to the tomb were all sacrificed when the project was completed. Their ashes are contained in urns in the main workroom.

    One set of stairs leads downward to level one, while another set of stairs ascends to level three from the main hall.
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