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    npc loot

    here is a basic question.

    i am making an NPC and i don't see a good place to list his stuff.

    he has his regular gear and his combat gear and a couple of magic items and the only slot i see is under Notes and it is pretty small.

    is it possible to create a Parcel of his stuff and attach that to the NPC sheet or something?

    or do you just list it all in that little spot under notes?

    just curious.

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    I would create a treasure parcel and link it on the Notes tab if you want easy access to it once the player's start looting the corpse.
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    Wrong ruleset.
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    JohnD's suggestion is the way you want to do it. The fields on the Notes, Abilities and Description fields are formatted text fields so they will expand to contain whatever text you add and you can drag links to other things like parcels to them. This allows you to easily drag it to the party sheet when the PCs get it.

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