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    .dat file password protected

    Are .dat files normally password protected? if so, why and is there a way to access them?

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    You can't access .dat files. They're encrypted to prevent piracy and also protect publisher IP.
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    Thank you, have been lurking on here for a while, but finally needed some answers.

    And thanks for the response. That was what I figured was going on, but wanted to confirm it. Was trying to build some stuff into the Symbaroum ruleset and wanted to see how they built the Subarchetype fields, but it is locked behind the .dat files. Was able to build a workaround, but base code might have been easier to work with. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joram Mistwalker View Post
    Was trying to build some stuff into the Symbaroum ruleset and wanted to see how they built the Subarchetype fields
    If it's contained in a drag/drop-able record, just drop it into its own window which will create a local copy in your campaign database. Then you can exit FG (important when you're working with the campaign dbase!!!) and load the /campaigns/your_campaign_name/db.xml file into a text editor to see the full XML construction.

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    That is what I have done for other things I have been working on, which was how I was able to figure out how to build the abilities to have the 3 levels available on the character sheet. Unfortunately, the subarchetypes are links on the Archetypes, and only link back to the main ruleset. When I go into the db file, it shows the link location. That link location is not any any of the files I have access to, so figured it is buried in the .dat file. I was able to work around by building Story entries and them using them as links, but was wanting to do it a little more inline with the others, including formatting.

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