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    I just became a member...

    Anyone looking for another to join their adventure? I'm interested in just about anything. =)

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    There's quite a few things happening at the moment, so check the game calendar and sign up! Usually the ones at the bottom of the green are the best prospects...

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    Hi. If you havent found a game yet, you can subscribe to mine. Its called dungeon crawlers, with no real storyline but lots of killing monsters. Go here if your ineterested. Ill be making the game in the calender pretty soon.

    After the desolation of war, a shining hero will rise from the ashes of evil and good hearts that lay dead.

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    Welcome. It's always helpful if you include what time zone you're in (in GMT terms) because members are located all over the globe.

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    Hi Oroz!

    I'm looking for some new players for my game... Let me know if you're interested.

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