Licenses: Unity Ultimate w/complete libraries, Classic Demo
System: Will consider anything, but primarily AD&D 2E, D&D 3.5E, D&D 5E, or any Star Wars ruleset except FFG.
Availability: Any except Friday evenings, weekly. Time blocks available are 7pm EST-11pm/12am EST (as necessary). Would love to start ASAP.
Voice and Video: Fine with both. Very clear, professional mic and green screen setup.
Experience: 26 years starting from AD&D, with thousands of hours online as player and GM, some for charitable works related to VTT gaming.
Preferences: Long term games which plan to go on for months or even years are great. I love the openness and freedom these can provide players, the ability to create lasting marks on the game world and to become someone more than an adventurer. I enjoy games which embrace role-playing and creative solutions to problems. NOTE: I am specifically on the lookout for a mid-to-high level, long term campaign at this time. It could be a series of modules tied together with homebrew material, however you wish to go about it, so long as it's not a low level start. I'd like my adventurer to be a bit more seasoned! Games which are ongoing but could use a player to fill a niche are welcome!
Paying: I am happy to pay for a seat at your game, even if the campaign has already started. PayPal only.
About Me: 36 years old, male, physically disabled, former voice actor, currently both employed in the gaming industry and doing paid GMing and charitable work related to gaming online in VTT and other settings. Always on the lookout for games to keep me occupied and (mostly) sane. In a particularly stressful time right now, which makes your invitations all the more welcome!
Contact: Have a matching game I can get in on starting today? Just DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 and I'll reply ASAP!