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    (Paid) D&D 5E OneShots 4 to 6 Hours adventure 30.00 for A Adventure Fri & sat

    Hey guys hows it going Doomhippy here
    i have some free time this weekend Friday and Saturday ill run on any time zone who needs sleep :-)

    ive been running games for 15 years and using fantasy Grounds for 2 years

    IF your Looking for a new DM this gives you guys a chance to Try One out for a session see what you think :-)

    i have all sorts of adventures ready set in most
    D&D 5e setting for any LEV or Party size

    D&D 5e
    Legendary planet
    adventures in middle earth
    forgotten realms

    Main post for Paid Dungeon Master

    plz connect me here or
    discord is https://discord.gg/w8JRn8uaFB

    Thx Doomhippy/Audin
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