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    (Paid ) Ravenloft Curse of Strahd Starts Today!!! 6PM UK Start Seeking 1 more player

    Hey Everyone
    I have a Ravenloft Curse of Strahd game starting on Tuesday uk time 6 PM onwards.

    I am looking for 1 more players to join the party we have 3/4 this is a advanced group Story and sword lots of roleplay not everything is solved with combat.

    we have a fighter a warlock and a ranger so far :-)
    Session cost is 10.00 a session paid by paypal

    24 sessions campaign

    starting at level 1

    Main post for Paid Dungeon Master

    plz connect me here or
    discord is

    Thx Doomhippy/Audin

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    hey guys i have a space still on this game drop on the discord 6 pm start tonight doom out

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    good morning adventures i was space left for this adventure 6 .30 pm uk start 1.30pm est 10.00 a session paid 4 sessions in advanced thx for looking
    drop on the discord iam about all day

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