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    Recovering from Catastrophe

    My laptop recently bricked and I'm trying to recover my FGU lost campaigns. I was hoping to recover characters from the clientcharacters.xml from each player, but what the heck is the password to access this file? Am I wasting my time even asking and need to rebuild nearly twenty characters from scratch?
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    got to and log a ticket and see if they can help. attach the files to the ticket and they may be able to decrypt for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spliskamatyshak View Post
    I'm not aware of such a file, where is this found?

    XML files are usually just text files. They shouldn't be encrypted. If it's a file that your players have exported you should be able to load it up.

    However, you may be able to recreate the PCs by getting the players to connect to a new campaign and upload the local copy, stored in a local cache when they were last connected to your game - the player can see all of their local PCs from the "Import Character" screen in the characters window.
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    The recommended solution is what Trenloe suggested:

    * Have each player use FGU to Create a new Campaign with the same game system (i.e. D&D 5E)
    * Once campaign open, have them go to Characters screen
    * Once Character Selection window open, click on the blue import button.
    * Any characters from any campaign of the same game system should be available to import using the "plus" button
    * Once the characters are in the campaign; the player can return to the main Characters screen, then use the Edit ("slash" button) to bring up export buttons for each character.
    * Press the export button; and then specify a location for the XML
    * Have the players send the character XML to you.


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