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    2 Experienced Players lfg Monday Nights 6pm+ Pacific

    Hey All,

    My wife and I are looking for a group that plays on Monday nights after 6pm Pacific time. We are both experienced with 5e and are looking for a group that enjoys in-character conversations, cooperation, and questing. I tend to play support characters and my wife tends to create damage-dealers, but we are comfortable filling any role in a party. As far as 5e goes we both have extensive experience with the system. My wife often creates characters just for fun and I have run one-shots and long-term campaigns (both homebrewed and published). I ran my campaigns in-person using Fantasy Grounds and I really enjoy the program. I have no issue with helping other players get a handle on the program as we play. Both of us are also comfortable with homebrew content and/or rules as long as they are discussed before they appear in-game.

    As far as game/group, we are mainly looking for a DM who is passionate about running games, creating maps, and letting players express themselves through playstyles and choices. For players, we are looking for people who are equally passionate about creating vibrant characters, building relationships between party members, and who want to explore and adventure within the world. No "reluctant" heroes or edge-lords, please. In terms of balance between roleplaying and combat/mechanics, we are looking for a 60/40 mix of rp and adventuring. We are also looking for a group in which the GM is treated as the final word on rules and player behavior. Situations and conversations involving adult content are ok but should not be the primary focus or be overly explicit.

    My wife and I are both more than willing to share more information about ourselves via discord. We both have webcams and mics set-up and are both ready to jump into a game. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Very Respectfully,
    Erik and Cassie
    Very Respectfully,
    Erik Wick

    Join our Discord server by clicking this link:

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    Finally, someone interested in a weeknight game in PST. I'm looking to set up a game. I have a post on a Discord server (Champions of the Twilight) run by KriegJaeger#7192. It's mainly for parents looking to connect for a game after kiddos go to sleep. I'm seeking 3-4 players and 1 player/DM. Hoping to set up two campaigns. The 3-4 players will have two characters, one for each campaign. Another DM and I will each run one of the games and we’ll have a character in the other. We play weekly alternating campaigns. This way the DMs have two weeks to prep between sessions. Contact me on Discord (Mango666#1152), if you're interested.

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