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    NPC Paths - removed in Unity?

    In Classic, as a DM I used to be able to have token lock on, and then hold CTRL when I moved NPCs to simulate what a player does to map out a path that's then accepted by the DM, then "accept" it myself and the players would watch the NPC move along the path seamlessly rather than jerking around as if simply dragged along by the DM. This also helped confirm distances and such.

    Is this functionality now gone with FGU? CTRL no longer does this, it instead appears to toggle grid snap.

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    ALT is now the modifier for the locked move.

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    Use the Alt key for that functionality.

    Handy link to the Wiki page for Token Locking, check under step 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulimo View Post
    Use the Alt key for that functionality.

    Handy link to the Wiki page for Token Locking, check under step 3.

    This appears to be a dead link?

    I tried Alt multiple times as that was my first thought, that they simply changed the hotkey modifier, but it didn't work. I'll try again. Thanks.

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    The link is fine for me. Check your browser settings.

    Also you don’t say what ruleset you are using, although I think the ALT key is pretty universal. Also I assume you have turned token lock on, and that you are in play mode?
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    So I got alt to work for movement paths. Am I missing a way to make waypoints? I can't draw a path then drag from the endpoint to create waypoint movement like I could in Classic. That's fairly key to this whole thing, so you can track movement used.

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    Try using the arrow keys while holding down Alt - you will get a waypoint where every you change direction.
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    I guess that works but it's not ideal. So there's no way to drag out of the destination to create waypoints just like a player can?

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    Release the Alt key after starting the drag. Any further drags without the Alt key should create waypoints.

    The Alt key is also used to move a waypoint, instead of create a new one. So as the GM, you only hold to initiate the planned movement.


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