Name: World of Bethica
Game System: DnD 5e Std Rules
Platform: Fantasy Grounds Unity Ultimate
Permitted Source Books: All books I have!
Schedule: Every Friday 9 pm to midnight Est. and Saturday 8 pm to midnight Est (GMT -4)
Requirements: Discord, Free version of FG
Level: 1-4 for Tier 1 weekends and 5-11 for Tier 2 weekends

Setting/Adventure Info: "World of Bethica", a custom campaign world I am playing test and design. I am looking to create this into an FG Module for all to run and playing someday.

Campaign Type: PUG Campaign, "What is a PUG Campaign? A pickup campaign is a continuing storyline and set of adventures, involving around players who join the gaming session at that time. This allows them to join any gaming session that they have time for, but unlike a one-shot, each session picks up from the last. This allows development, improvement, and the growth of the characters. There are three types of PUG Campaigns: Tier one, Tier two and Tier three, all new players must start their adventuring careers as a Tier one player, and although if they wish to live dangerously, they can join a Tier two or three-game with a Tier one character.

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