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    Now if I update with FGU every DLC in the FG shop I made including proper sized maps, they will not work in FGC anymore...
    I have been pandering about how to chop up a XL map for the last 5 months to make it fit into FGC...that announcement made it easier... still about 12Meg though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by readymeal View Post
    Now if I update with FGU every DLC in the FG shop I made including proper sized maps, they will not work in FGC anymore...
    I have been pandering about how to chop up a XL map for the last 5 months to make it fit into FGC...that announcement made it easier... still about 12Meg though.
    You should still consider chopping that map up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfDogg View Post
    This saddens me greatly... Being a player in both systems (FGC and FGU), I greatly love the ease of usage in FGC compared to the more buggy FGU. FGU breaks, it gets fixed, it breaks again... FGC continues onward and has a much smaller resource usage (i.e. players don't have to reboot in the middle of a game bc their system just started smoking)... I would appreciate it if Smiteworks would consider two stores, one for each system.
    Yeah, I doubt they are going to do that.

    But this is actually good news, and it's only going to help them compete with other vtts on the market. Having to no longer split resources on old and new tech, and now just focus on the newer tech is only going to make things better overall. This is a good thing.
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    I have had hours and hours of fun with classic, but it is time to move on
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    So that means that in July, all updates to both the platform and the systems (set of rules and the like) will only be made for the Unity version?
    This means that there is a big chance of implementing the Idea Informer stuff, or a greater focus on stabilizing rulesets (some are very slow to open spreadsheets, perform scrolls) of course it's a layman speaking, so I don't know if it's programming for Ruleset or if it's the FGU itself.
    But anyway my thousands of hours at FGC will be forever in my heart!

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    You censoring the truth again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnus1 View Post
    You censoring the truth again?
    What truth is that then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiminimonka View Post
    What truth is that then?
    I suspect relating to whatever he said in the post Moon Wizard deleted. So I don't think we want him to repeat it just so we can delete it again.
    If you need to contact customer support or if there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here

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    I can understand the decision from a development and business position. Especially for the future of FGU it will have a lot of benefits to not have to be backwards compatible with everything.
    Some in my group think the ~20 day notice was pretty short and I agree with them to a degree, but on the other hand it was communicated for quite some time that this will happen eventually.

    That being said, I think you should consider adding really big disclaimers to the store pages for FGC (, Steam and possibly DMsGuild?, or wherever you might sell licenses).
    There might be an argument to still allow buying FGC for some reason. It might even be technically necessary for Steam to allow for the upgrade bundle, I don't know. But at least new customers should make an informed decision.

    We plan to keep FGC updated and running for as long as the demand remains high. It won't receive any major functionality enhancements outside of ruleset updates, which are shared among FGU and FGC.
    This is still part of the FGC store page and could be improved. FGC won't receive any updates at all after June 24th.

    While I already have a FGU license since the Kickstarter, it might be nice for those who don't to also know how long the 50% upgrade discount will be available, or if it will even stay indefinitely.

    I also have a question regarding new purchases after June 24th:
    If I buy something after the FGC sunset date, will I still be able to use it on FGC and FGU, if the product is/was available for both?
    Let's say I decide to buy "Savage Worlds Adventure Edition", which is currently available for FGC and FGU, after that date. Would I be able to use it in both?
    (Obviously the FGU version might receive improvements later on which will not be available to the FGC version.)

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