Session 0 recruitment this Friday at 8pm ET. You will be joining a group of 3-4 adventurers who are near the end of a linear story arc that should end in 2-4 weeks. We will be brainstorming where in Faerūn the group wants to go after wrapping up this story, off the shelf adventure, home brew, etc.

We have sessions every other Friday 830pm-1230am ET. Likely start date of this campaign will be 6/25 or 7/9
We are a high role play group that does not settle every situation with violence. The types of players that will do well in this campaign are the Actor, the Explorer, the Storyteller, the Thinker, and the Watcher. The Instigator, Power Gamer, or the Slayer are not good matches.
Price: $20 per live session.

To sign up for the Session 0 for a meet and greet to see if the rest of us are a good fit visit the signup link below. You will receive an email with Discord or webinar links for the meeting.