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    Players Transferring Money


    Somewhat new to FG Unity, trying to see if there is a way for the players to transfer money between themselves. We figured out items but not currency. Any help is appreciated.

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    There is no mechanism built in for players to transfer money. They would just modify the fields on their respective PC sheets as needed.


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    So a small trick is to go to the Modifier Box and put in the change in currency you want as a numeric (if the players don't want to do the math). The sending player put in a negative amount that they want to send (say 115 gp - so they enter in -115). They then drag and drop that modifier (-115) over coin slot they want to reduce (GPs in this case). The receiving player then puts in +115 in the modifier box and drags that amount over their GP slot. The Treasure Value will be subtracted and added appropriately.

    It's a little effort, but sometimes that's better than the effort to do the math mentally
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    If the maths gets fiddly try this:

    1) Player 1 types the amount of gold (or whatever currency) they want to transfer into the modifier stack under the chat window and then drags that to the chat window.
    2) Player 2 drags the number in the chat window to their GP (or whatever currency) field in their inventory.
    3) Player 1 right-clicks on the number in the chat window and select the +- button to negate the value.
    4) Player 1 drags the negative value from the chat window onto the GP (or whatever currency) field of their inventory.

    This should keep everyone's maths correct.
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    Thx for this information, it helps me so mutch :-D

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