Hi my name is Vinnie and I'm running this one-shot this Friday at 7:30pm EST. We will primarily be using the Hunter The Vigil 1e rules, the game will be easy to pick up for new players and returning veteran Vampire Hunters alike.

This one shot game set in the modern day about Vampire Hunters chasing Dracula across the continental United States in an attempt to end Vampires on Earth once and or all. Players will select characters from a pre-generated pool the day prior to game. Here's a prologue to the game, my contact info is at the bottom.

You and your friends, when you were young, knew before anyone else that monsters were real. It surprised none of you when reports came out that Vampires were surfacing all over the continent. You and your comrades immediately sought out the necessary equipment to monitor the events, and track, and destroy as many of the “Buggers” as you could. After years of waiting it’s finally time - you form one of the first Slayer Squads. You bring back every word you can find on the buggers and what they are up to. You have a lot of immediate success, and a handful of tragedies along the way. Four months in and the Buggers go underground, four more months the Hunt is completely stagnant. Several other Slayer Squads emerged after the “Bugger Boom”, but shut down recently. Either their leaders have gone missing, too many of them died on the job, or the groups have been disbanded due to lack of activity. The news only mentions 1/10th of the story on a good day, and Vampires have returned to being a thing of perceived myth less than a year after the initial Bugger Boom. Then a huge lead comes knocking at your door. A Slayer from another city shows up at your door one day, bloodied and beaten, with tangible evidence that the vampires are all connected through a sympathetic hierarchy. End the top vampire and all the dominos will fall. Inside a week you and the crew are able to jump some Buggers outside a warehouse and not only do you confirm this for yourselves, but something unexpected comes to light. You discover that the root of this problem is the recent return of the one and only Count Dracula. You manage to get out of one of his lieutenants that the Count is on his way through this area two nights hence. You and your compatriots take this as a sign and don’t hesitate a moment. You spare no expense in your preparation to ambush and kill the Biggest Bugger of them all and if need be pursue him to the ends of the Earth.

If you're interested in playing feel free to contact me via email at... [email protected] or discord I'm mrdoormat#8552. Or if you think a friend of yours would be interested send them the link below

You can also follow updates on my content at https://startplaying.games/game/60b0...94b10008fee8c1

Whether you're interested in the game or not, Good Hunting.