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    LFG LFDM Want to hire DM Pathfinder 2E


    Looking for a DM to run a Pathfinder 2E game for 4/5 players. PAID GIG.
    Together we are fairly experienced playing P2E.

    Currently playing Age of Ashes and have Extinction Curse on the schedule, so would prefer to play something else.

    Happy to field any questions.

    We started recording ourselves for the memories.. so you can see a bit how we play here:
    Age of Ashes

    Not sure which link will work.

    Any way, thanks for your consideration!
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    Hi there! If you are still looking for a DM I would be interested in running the game for you. I already have the PF2E rules purchased (as it is one of the few that aren't included standard) I have run another group in FG before (though sadly their scheduling became too conflicted to continue). I am a Canadian house spouse so I have pretty open availability, and a very friendly demeanor. Was there something specific that you were looking to have run? How long of sessions would you be looking for, and what time would you like to start and which timezone? I typically look for about $10-15 USD per hour, though that is open to negotiation, if necessary. If you have any questions please feel free to either message me here, or on discord. Atracious#2129
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    hey dude hows it going check out my post i run single sessions and campaigns check out link youtube there of some games ive run as well thx Audin
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