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    Interest check PaizoCon Europe August 19-22 SFS (and PFS2)

    Is there any significant interest in SFS (and PFS2) games at PaizoCon Europe?

    Between PaizoCon and GenCon Online happening online, the change towards AcP and the new specials launching at GenCon Online, I am gravitating towards skipping running games at PaizoCon Europe.

    Additionally, for SFS, most regular players have played most of the new scenarios, so we would have to hold off on the regular weekend games (the brand new scenarios usually tend to get snatched up almost immediately) and for PFS2, most tables haven't fired recently anyway.

    Slots would start at 7 AM, 1 PM and 7 PM UTC [technically also 1 AM UTC but I can say for sure I won't run those], badges would be one-time €10.

    More information here.

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    Your ears must have been ringing. I was going to ping you on this. I would definitely be interested, and possibly Carter depending on the group composition. However; I have limited PTO, so the 7pm UTC timeslots for the Thursday/Friday games would work best for me. Either 1pm/7pm would work for the Saturday/Sunday games!
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    I haven't done any planning for August yet, but definitely interested.
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    2nd out of 3 con signups this week done...

    I went with system over randomness and grabbed the scenarios below.

    I could try to adjust individual ones (e.g. adding SFS Intro #1: The First Test or SFS Intro: Year of the Data Scourge), though I would need to know sooner rather than later to have a reasonable chance of still selecting them.

    SFS 4-02: Settling Accounts (1-4) Sat Aug 21, 1 PM UTC

    SFS 4-03: Battle for the Beacon (5-8) Sat Aug 21, 7 PM UTC

    SFS 4-04: Mission Not Found (3-6) Sun Aug 22, 1 PM UTC

    SFS 4-05: A Waltz Through Myriad Worlds (1-4) Sun Aug 22, 7 PM UTC

    19 July: Warhorn opens for player signups

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    I'm trying to get back into SFS, so any Tier 1-4 games at UK-friendly times get my interest. I'd definitely pay for a PaizoCon badge if I can get a seat at a 7am or 1pm table (7pm UTC is not great for me).

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    I had a quick look at still available SFS scenarios still available are 1 AM ones. There is a single 1 PM 1-4 scenario still available (SFS 4-05: A Waltz Through Myriad Worlds on SUN) but I'd not be able to swap anything in to replace the previous 4-05 in the SUN 7 PM slot.

    There is one SFS 4-05: A Waltz Through Myriad Worlds, one SFS Intro #2: For the Factions and one SFS Intro: Year of the Data Scourge in the SAT 7 AM UTC slot and one SFS 4-05: A Waltz Through Myriad Worlds, one SFS Intro #2: For the Factions and one SFS Intro: Year of the Data Scourge in the SUN 7 AM UTC slot.

    If there is significant interest in a 7 AM slot let me knwo and I could try to schedule a fifth game (though four games on a weekend is usually a bit better).

    Alternatively, it may be easier to schedule a 1-2 or a 1-4 on some other (non-con) weekend. Usually FG SFS games are either around 1.30 UTC or 5.30 PM UTC (due to the majority of players usually being based in the US or Canada). The reason there haven't been many SFS games in recent weeks (and in the near future up to July) is that two regular players won't be available for games in June/July, leaving us with less than four players (still a legal table but not optimal)

    Should we have enough interest (3+ players) in a SFS game at e.g. SAT 5.30 PM UTC or SUN 1.30 PM UTC, let me know and it should be easy enough to schedule.

    In theory, SAT and SUN around 7.30 or 9.30 PM UTC may also work, but with only Europe and Oceania (US/Canada is usually not available in that slot), we haven't had a lot of luck in the past.

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    Thanks for looking into it Stephan. I will likely sign up for the SAT 1PM slot when the sign-ups open. I wouldn't expect you to run extra games but if you do add a SUN 7AM then I'll probably sign-up for it also.

    More generally, consider me interested in Tier 1-4 SFS on other weekends.

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    "We will open players signups to all paid and cleared GMs on 18th July at 12 noon BST. We will open players signups to all paid and cleared players on 19 July at 12 noon BST."

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    Some spots still open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephan_ View Post
    Some spots still open.
    Sadly I'm now going on holiday over this weekend

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