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    New player looking for a game

    Ok, so I got FG2 and signed up for a game or two on the calender but I haven't gotten any response on there. Its been about 2 weeks with nothing. Is this normal? I just want to start playing like everyone else so I was wondering if there is any DM out there willing to pick me up. I'll play any game, doesn't really matter, just looking to do some pen and paper-ish type gaming. Thanks in advance for any help or advice anyone has.

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    What time zone are you in?

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    Oh sorry didn't put that. I'm in GMT -8:00. PST. I'm pretty open to any play times.

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    One of the problems with the calandar is that you can't delete completed games. Many on there are "dead". You would do better looking for games posted on this board and only signing up on the calandar when you are directed to.

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    great to know, thank you very much.

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    I have an opening in a D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms game I run. The game is a low-key campaign in that we try to play once a week on either Wednesday or Thursday nights, depending on the schedule of the other players, and runs from 8 PM until 10 PM (2000-2200). We use Fantasy Grounds 2 and we use Skype for voice. Most players are in the metro-DC area, with a couple in the NY area.

    I have 5 players, but almost everyone in the group is married with children so we have to be very flexible with rescheduling and even so we usually only get 3 players on any given game night. We sometimes have to cancel as the game is starting because of issues with players not being able to make it last minute because of issues with children, travel for work, or other things. I tell you all this because if you want to join you have to understand the environment of this group.

    Most of my players I've known since college or very shortly thereafter. This is a campaign that has been ongoing with no significant break since 1997 (as characters have "retired" we create new 1-st level characters and continue). It really started in 1991 but we had a couple of significant breaks prior to 1997. We enjoy the game, but we understand that family commitments have to come first.

    If you are looking for a serious, hard-core game with a regular schedule then my campaign is not for you. If you are looking to play 2-3 times per month and can be flexible and you've managed to read this far then leave me a note. First come, first served. I'm only interested in adding one player at this time, although I won't rule out adding another one down the road.

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    I've got a game every thursday night (tonight)...

    Check this thread (and reply )

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