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    I think I got it working. Something about uninstalling PIL first.

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    Sounds like you may have migrated those libs from your old mac to your new one (instead of installing fresh). I’m developing on an M1 Mac.

    Good that you have it running now!

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    New v1.5.0 Published : https://github.com/Imagix/uvtt2fgu/releases/tag/v1.5.0

    For those who tried to convert maps that were too big, the program would fail to create the image. Which is somewhat of a defense against really big map files. (Perhaps you'd exported the map at a high pixel count?). New configuration parameter "maximagefilesize" to set a new limit (or 0 to let it go wild).

    Another user submitted a change to allow one to adjust the jpg image creation parameters. "jpgOptimize", "jpgQuality", and "jpgSubsampling". See the README.md for the defaults.

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