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    A new Dungeondraft to Fantasy Grounds Unity conversion tool

    Time to go public: I've re-implemented the other tool for converting Dungeondraft's .dd2vtt files to .png/.jpg/.xml files suitable for import to Fantasy Grounds Unity v4.1+

    This does support the exported line-of-sight items (walls), doors, windows, lights, and auto populates the grid size.

    I've put this up on Github at: https://github.com/Imagix/uvtt2fgu

    It's a Python 3 script, so should work wherever you have a Python interpreter.

    Please do file Issues and such on the tool (or pull requests!)

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    This is great! Definitely cuts down a lot of time making a map useful.

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    So silly question. Pretend I am running this on a Mac, I know nothing about coding or Python 3 script. If it is possible, how could I install this so I could utilize it? Are there step by step instructions somewhere?

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    seems really cool. I will join Varex here : Pretend i am running this on windows 10, i know nothing...how could I install this so I could utilize it? Are there step by step instructions somewhere? Thanks.

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    Oh my, it's been so long since I've set up Python:
    - First, install a Python runtime from https://www.python.org.
    - Download the uvtt2fgu.py script from the github page. I would suggest into wherever you've saved (or going to save) your .dd2vtt file
    - Go into a command prompt (cmd.exe for Windows, Terminal for Mac OS)
    - "pip install Pillow" this is needed to add the extra library used to generate the .jpg file
    - cd into where you've saved your .dd2vtt file
    - run the script "./uvtt2fgu.py filename.dd2vtt". (Of course, replace "filename.dd2vtt" with the name of your dd2vtt file)
    - This should result in filename.png, filename.jpg, and filename.xml being created
    - Copy the .xml file into your campaign's "images" folder
    - Import the .jpg inside Fantasy Grounds

    For Mac OS: If you have homebrew installed, you could also install python with "brew install python3".
    For Windows: umm.. haven't tried it myself on Windows, but is probably close to what is above. Will be trying this shortly. I've been primarily developing on Linux.

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    Imagix, this is awesome! I've used the original countless times, can't wait to try it out.

    Egheal, I've built an exe for Windows. Here is how I did it:

    If you've already followed the steps above, then do this from the script folder:
    - "pip install pyinstaller"
    - "pyinstaller --onefile uvtt2fgu.py"

    the uvtt2fgu.exe file will be in the dist folder.

    If you're doing this from scratch, this is how you would do it:
    - Install a Python runtime and make sure you have it and pip in your path (i.e. you can type "pip" in a command prompt)
    - Download the uvtt2fgu.py script into an empty folder
    - Open a command prompt and cd into the folder with the uvtt2fgu.py script in it
    - "pip install Pillow"
    - "pip install pyinstaller"
    - "pyinstaller --onefile uvtt2fgu.py"

    I like to export all my maps into a single folder, which is where I copy the .exe to. I then associate the .dd2vtt extension with the exe.

    Varex, this should work for mac, but if not there is another tool called py2app.

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    hey I got the exe, but I dont understand what you mean for the last step

    Edit: NVM I got it. For anyone wondering you just have to drag the .dd2vtt file onto the .exe
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    Thanks guys.
    After a lot of troubles I managed to install all of it!
    now i just have to test it!

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    This looks awesome! I didn't know that Dungeondraft existed, so I've learned about two awesome things today.

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    It is very nice, perfect, thanks a lot @Imagix and @Zenic!
    This thread need to get a sticky somewhere. It is the final nail in the coffin of most of the FGU competitors imho.
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