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    Issue with ADVSAV effects

    I added a couple of quick effects for my half elf players who have Fey Ancestry... They have the (IMMUNE: sleep) effect and (ADVSAV: charmed)

    Seems like neither effect does anything though. The IMMUNE effect doesn't do anything and the ADVSAV gives advantage on all saving throws.

    Do I have the effect names wrong or is this not possible to code?

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    MOD: moved ruleset specific question to the specific forum.

    Correct, charmed and sleep are not attack/save types that FG recognizes. Only those listed in the Wiki are valid save types.

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    ADVSAV and IMMUNE only work for specific wording as outlined in the wiki.

    For ADVSAV, you can specify nothing for all saves, an [ability type] for specific ability saves, or [concentration] for concentration saves.
    For IMMUNE, you can specify "all" for all damage types, a [damage type] for specific damage types, or a [condition] as defined in the 5E rules.


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