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    Combat Tracker BUG in SW FGU

    FGU Savage Worlds Error Report

    Prior to the start of my Sunday evening campaign of Pulp Nocturne 1930, I ran the latest update.
    These are the complications occurring to both PCs and NPCs.

    During attacks, either ranged or melee, PC's had an Effect of Cloak of Shadows [Armor +6] active on them. After a successful Attack, Damage on the Combat Tracker was ignoring the +6 Armor Toughness bump.

    The NPC's were coded as follows: Toughness 11(4). This was calculated from Vigor 10+2, Special Ability: Armor, Scale Armor (Toughness +2); Shield [Toughness +2, Cover +2]. In addition, the NPC's had these Edges of potential significance: Edges: Iron Jaw and Hard To Kill.
    NPC's were, after successful Attacks, showing on the Combat Tracker a Toughness score of 7 when calculating Damage. Some attacks included a Blast Power Attack with a -4 Armor Piercing modifier which makes a plausible reason for Toughness of 7. Yet simple Melee Attacks also reflected the missing Armor protection.
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    Just for clarification, armor adds Armor, and shields add Parry. When you say "Shield [Toughness +2, Cover +2]" do you really mean "Medium Shield [Parry +2, Cover +2]" or do you have a shield item with the [Toughness +2, Cover +2] effects? The scale armor is normally Armor +2 not Toughness +2. Unless this is a power or effect or special item. This makes a difference in the calculations and figuring out what's going on.

    Still, something seems to be off.

    Were the items equipped on the PCs? Their effects won't kick in if they aren't. Since NPCs can't equip items, I note things like armor and shields on the main tab and adjust the numbers on the Traits tab to reflect that.

    Was the Cloak of Shadows effect in combat tracker, or on items, or on the character sheet? I've found that sometimes having some effects (like armor and parry) in multiple locations doesn't honor all of them. I think there's an order of precedence, and the algorithm doesn't stack them all, which is probably based on a Savage Worlds rule I'm missing.

    I can try this out in my test game when I have a clearer idea of how you had all this set up.

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    Thanks for the input!
    The Cloak of Shadows is from a Witchcraft AB Its the Protection Power with Modifiers extending it to Armor +6. This is on the PCs and NPC Allies.
    The Horlocke Mercenaries being an NPC, are using the Armor Special Ability tweaked to Toughness +2. Giving them the Edge Iron Jaw, I modified their Vigor by +2. This was a semi-intentional house rule tweak to challenge the PCs. (They are all experienced Legendary players)
    I perpetrated an update to FGU this afternoon and spent close to 2 hours working with Ikael researching this. Prior to the start of my Sunday night game I ran a FGU update. Today, after running the FGU update, the problem went away. Ikael claimed that the update today didn't do anything with the Combat Tracker.

    I am glad for the assistance and it is working now.

    Game On!
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