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    Reference window not working.

    No extensions loaded.

    Reference window is not showing any data. Verified Reference is working in 5E. Checked with extension/module developers and told they also see Reference not working in 4E but is working in 5E.

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    The 4E reference manuals use a different data format; in order to support the older DDI exports made using the original export tools available on the forum at the time.

    (4E) "chapter" / "section" / "article"


    (CoreRPG) "chapters" / "subchapters" / "refpages"


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    Thanks Moon Wizard!

    "subchapters" should be "subchapter" (it was what worked on the reference modules I have).

    I did a find and replace.

    (CoreRPG) "chapters" / "subchapter" / "refpages"
    (4E) "chapter" / "section" / "article"

    and got this:

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    Awesome. Glad you got it working.


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