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    BARAKUS - Sunday 7/29 10am PDT

    So...I'm interested in running my first online game. As long as you've not GM'd or played Barakus nor are totally into min-maxing or solely into hack-n-slash (you'd probably be bored of the character development parts of the game), all are welcome, including beginners (whether new to D&D or FG2). Nevertheless there is quite a bit of "dungeoneering" to do, who doesn't enjoy a good bashing now and then? And while Barakus is very much a campaign with a mega-dungeon set within it, there definitely are wilderness and city adventures in spades, with elements of mystery, problem solving and character development to mix things up. Multiple plots will develop as the campaign progresses.

    The world is homebrew though not too far afield from Greyhawk or the Forgotten Realms. If it's important or relevant to you and your character, the Norse pantheon (Odin, Thor, Freya, etc.) has center stage in this part of the world we're playing in, with the D&D pantheon (Corellon, Moradin, Grummsh, Kord, etc.) as supporting cast for the demi-humans and humanoids). There are/may be other pantheons from other lands, so worshippers of foreign gods cannot be ruled out.

    I'm looking for 3-5 players, but we may eventually go a bit beyond that. We've got one, possibly another to join up in a week or two. I am also looking for a group that will play consistently and generally start on time. The FG2 ruleset is D20 Plus, which I can e-mail to you prior to character generation (and play) and instruct you on the install (it's really easy, even I was able to do it). I only ask to please bear with me as DM'ing using FG2 is a new experience and likewise, I promise, I'll try my best to exercise the same patience towards new players.

    Now, for the mechanics. We'll be using the 3.5 Core Rules though I would not automatically rule out any splat book out of hand (just submit anything non-core for my pre-approval). Character generation is 4d6, arrange as you please. Max starting HP and max starting wealth per your class on the PHB too. Your character should develop from Level 1 through 5+ (how high, we'll just have to see) by the time we're through Barakus.

    Finally, a few parting words... remember, we're all playing to have fun, the fun is not only in the final destination, but in the journey.

    Here's the link to the posting on the Community Calendar:
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