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    No longer able to edit notes I created

    In my current game, I had created a few notes. I no longer have the ability to edit those notes. Strange thing is that when my GM looks, one is owned by my account name with a capital letter in it, and the other one is owned by my account with a lower case. Is there a way to edit this? Is the login really case sensitive?

    Thanks for any help with this.

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    Yes the notes are owned by the login name.
    In FGC you can change your connection name but if you do - things that were owned by you will not be owned by the new you.
    Have the GM edit the db.xml if they know what they are doing or have him share the no longer owned by you notes with you and then you can copy/paste them into a new owned by the current you note.

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    Thank you! I will give that a try! And thank you very much for the quick reply!

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