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    LFG DnD 5e 2 Players Sundays 7PM - 2AM UK Time

    FG License: I have FG Classic Ultimate, Other has Demo version.
    Time Zone:UK Time
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Sundays. Weekly / Every other week is fine. We are available to play any time between 7PM and 2AM UK time (2AM is the latest finish time I can work with), we're not looking for mammoth sessions.
    Term: Long term.
    Voice: Yes we have discord, could use another voice system if required.

    Game System Preferred: DnD 5e

    Game System Experience: I have 5y of DnD experience and many years of RPing before that but not in a game system. Other also has many years of DnD experience.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Fairly familiar. Have been using it to play for just over a year now I think.

    Character Type Preferred: We prefer to play varying characters, something different in each campaign but that will fit in with the party and setting. We don't really have a favorite class or anything like that.
    We would like to play a campaign where none of the PCs are Chaotic Stupid, "Neutral" (dicks), or start with the plan of having a shady past seeking redemption and then forget about trying to redeem themselves straight after the first session and start murdering or thieving at every opportunity.

    About me:
    Looking for a high fantasy campaign setting. Custom made by the DM or a standard campaign too as long as it is not Curse of Strahd (We've both just finished playing that) or Mad Mage.
    We'd like a mixture of roleplaying and fighting, but if I had to put a number on it I'd say something 50/50 or 50/60 with a little more roleplaying than combat.
    We are okay with a little bit of out of character joking and would prefer not to play a game that's as hard core as "You said it so you did it." but we do roleplay our characters seriously.

    We're both happy to play with new or experienced players.
    Also happy to play with players from other countries but I'm afraid we both only speak English.
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