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    Extensions mini-reviews

    I use quite some extensions and modules, and would have liked an pre-vetted opinionated list with some info about them when I started using Fantasy Grounds. There wasn't one, so I wrote them myself, this one for extensions, and one for modules. The reviewed items are what I use, and they are compatible as far as I have used them. The review is very mini, and I will not try to solve issues of the extensions themselves in this thread. It's mainly a list with short comments. I did two four six eight quite a few of them. Tell me if you are interested in more. You can also check out Extensions, Modules, Pregens and other 5E resources.

    If you are just starting with Fantasy Grounds, start without extensions. Play a few times before slowly adding them to the mix. Don't dump them all in, it will make for awful cooking.

    Some remarks:
    • All extensions are at least 5e, FGU and I haven't tested them otherwise.
    • The underscored items in a mini-review will one day become links to other reviewed extensions.
    • The dummy entries below will one day become mini-reviews.
    • Since multiple channels are used for publication, I do improvise a bit in the related fields. I will for example add the personal name of an author if that's useful. Like for finding the right Discord channel. Tell me if you prefer a different nomenclature.
    • I do edit the official description a bit to fit in with the rest.
    • I remove the term Fantasy Grounds from the name of the extensions/modules to keep things compact. I do leave any 5E mentions in there since that one is a bit sensitive at DMSguild.
    • Tell me if I made a mistake in linking. I did my best, but there are quite a few links to confuse.
    • English isn't my native language. Tell me if things get hard to read. I don't mind a few idiocracies.
    • I've added an affiliate link for DMSguild. That should bring in some coins to buy even more items to review. The hare should not overtake the turtle .
    • Work in progress.

    The current list:





    Kent McCullough

    Mad Nomad Media
    • Mad Nomad's 3rd Party Updater
    • Mad Nomad's Automatic Actions Tab Additions
    • Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Tweaks
    • Mad Nomad's Coin Manager
    • Mad Nomad's Enhanced Encounter Window for 5E
    • Mad Nomad's Filterable Inventory
    • Mad Nomad's Interactive Portraits for FG 5E
    • Mad Nomad's Sheet Effects Display

    mattekure (John Waite)



    SilentRuin (Bill Perry)


    Troy Monteith
    • NPC Random Treasure Drops
    • Random Encounter Generator
    • Random Spellbook Generator



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    Name	Assistant GM
    Author	SilentRuin (Bill Perry)
    with	Grim Press
    Source	DMSguild
    Support	FG forum
    .	Discord
    Official description
    Players can become an Assistant GM and fully control Monsters & NPCs in D&D 5e!
    This stand-alone extension was created for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, and its use in Fantasy Grounds allows a Game Master to grant full Monster & NPC control to any number of Assistant Game Masters or share monsters individually so players can easily control movement, targeting, and abilities.

    This extension unlocks the following functions:
    • Assign one or more players an Assistant GM role, which unlocks:
      • Control of a Monster’s and NPC’s: actions, stats, movement, and abilities
      • End a Monster’s or NPC’s turn, switching to the next actor in combat
    • Grant Monster & NPC access on a monster-by-monster basis
    • Clear all defined users and access to all shared NPC access for everything in campaign.

    This allows players to control some NPC's. FGC has some limited capabilities as well, but FGU doesn't. I did a few sessions where a player controlled part of the monsters. That helps preventing a hive mind like mentality for the monsters. I gave them the descriptions of the monsters, and the relevant section of https://www.themonstersknow.com/. I bought the digital version of the book. They played them with a better interpretation of the behaviour than I would have. Recommended if you like giving the players some extra interaction options with the world.

    I haven't used this extension much, no issues so far. But like Silent Ruin says: extensions = RISK
    Name	5E Modifier Buttons
    Author	mattekure (John Waite)
    with	Rob Twohy
    Source	DMSguild
    Support	Discord
    Official description
    This extension alters the standard 5e modifier box to include buttons for some often used modifiers and moves the dice position. For attacks, this adds buttons to flag the attack as an Opportunity attack, or to indicate that the target has Cover or Superior Cover and applies the appropriate modifiers. For damage, this adds buttons to flag the roll as a Critical hit, or that it will do Max or Half damage. These rolls will all be modified appropriately.

    Version A: Adds modifiers and dice in a single row.
    Version B: Adds the modifiers and dice in a stack below chat and aligns the dice tower neatly together.

    I quite like this. It provides easier access to some much used modifiers. Useful, but not necessary.

    It makes the chat window overlap images in the background. Not an issue for me, but some might not like this.
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    Name	5E - Floating Character Sheet Tabs
    Author	ScriedRaven
    Source	FG forum
    Support	FG forum
    Official description
    This Extension adds buttons onto the main tab of a player character sheet, which create windows linked to the tabs.

    • Actions
    • Skills
    • Abilities
    • Inventory

    A simple extension which is quite useful if you have the screen estate. My last session had quite a few skill checks. Having those on a separate windows is quite handy. Edit: I really have to quit using 'quite', but that's quite hard.

    My muscle memory: you have to double-click.
    Name	Basic Card Tables Extensions
    Author	Trenloe
    Source	FG forum
    Support	FG forum
    Official description
    I decided to write a small extension to allow basic random card drawing functionality.

    Very useful if you have a Deck of Illusions or something similar. It allows you to draw cards from it. I added some nice imagery from the internet.

    No issues encountered.
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    This is great Milmoor, I struggle to know what extensions are out there and this helps. Keep it up.

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    Name	Combat Groups
    Author	SilentRuin (Bill Perry)
    with	Grim Press
    Source	DMSguild
    Support	FG forum
    .	Discord
    Official description
    This stand-alone extension for Fantasy Grounds allows you to create and preload multiple NPC groups, then activate them with one click as your players explore a dungeon.

    This extension unlocks the following functions:
    • Preload multiple NPC groups on a battlemap, but keep them off the Combat Tracker,
    • Make the groups visible to your players with a single click as they explore your dungeon,
    • Add and remove entire groups from the combat tracker with one button click,
    • A “friends” button extends this functionality to friendly & neutral NPCs as well!
    • Pre-emptively buff NPCs before they are encountered,

    Setting up an ambush has never been easier!

    This is a bit a a strange duck, which can be a swan in the right circumstances. It allows you to group the NPC's and hide/show them on the combat tracker. I mainly use this to hide some NPC's while in combat (the mule, the treasure chest, etc.). Those can have an inventory when using both Map Parcel and Polymorphism. Depending on your playing style, you can set up the entire population of the map in advance. I use pins for that.

    Considering the complexity, I'll assume there are multiple issues, but I haven't encountered any.
    Name	5E Indicators
    Author	mattekure (John Waite)
    with	Rob Twohy
    Source	DMSguild
    Support	Discord
    .	FG forum
    Official description
    This extension adds a number of different graphical indicators to PC and NPC tokens on a map. These indicators help both the DM and Players know what's going on at a glance.

    The types of indicators this extension adds are:
    • Health Status - Shows how wounded the PC/NPC is by displaying a blood spatter image that gets progressively more intense.
    • Death Status - Shows when the PC/NPC is Dying, Dead, or Stable.
    • Saving Throw Results - Displays on each token the results of a saving throw. Whether they had a successful save, a save for half damage, or a failed save.
    • Initiative Indicator - Displays an indicator showing which token has initiative. This can make it easier to find the current token on the map.
    • Targeted Indicator - Displays an indicator on all tokens targeted by the current initiative holder. This can be especially helpful to make sure you are not targeting yourself!

    See what's going on when targetting. My players tend to get confused, and this helps. Very useful. Nice helpful icons as well.

    Works fine for me, but there will be incompatibilities for sure.
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    Extensions = RISK - just a friendly warning to all who plan to use any

    I especially like where you state you should use raw FGU first before you try any extension. I'm a firm believer in only looking for an extension when something seems lacking to you personally in game (everyone is different). First, if you can, you should try to write your own so you have full control of the RISK involved with extensions (updates to FGU or using with other extensions can break any one of them). Next, if you can't do that, search for the many free extensions in this forum to see if they can meet your needs. And ONLY after all that should you look into buying any extension.

    I actually use a RISK factor when I talk to people about extensions (mine or others). You count the number of extensions you have and square that number - that is your RISK factor you are taking on by using extensions IMHO. I have 7 that I use so my RISK factor is 49. Someone told me once they had 50 (and I've heard people with more) so they are taking on a RISK factor (of something outright breaking or subtlety causing some part someplace in FGU to no longer work) of 2500.

    So, if you are willing to take on the RISK, extensions are very handy things. If you are not willing to take on the RISK - stay FAR FAR away from them. IMHO.

    [Also a CON for any of mine listed here are that they are never up to date in videos or text and only document anything in their respective FG forum threads. And not very well at that. Be warned.]
    Free(Forums/Forge) Extension(FGU 5E):
    Paid (Forge) Extension(FGU 5E):

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    Name	Combat Highlighter
    Author	daddyogreman
    Source	GitLab
    Support	FG forum
    Official description
    GM: On turn start, select matching token to combat tracker entry
    GM: Grey out combatants unable to perform actions
    GM: Hovering over entry in combat tracker will highlight the matching token on the map
    GM: hovering over entry in combat tracker will select the matching token on the map
    GM: hovering over entry in combat tracker will center on the matching token on the map
    GM: hovering off entry in combat tracker will center on the matching token to active CT entry
    GM: hovering off entry in combat tracker has options as to which tokens to select on map
    All: Hovering over token on the map will scroll to and highlight the associated entry in the combat tracker
    All: Hovering off the token will then scroll back to active combat tracker entry
    Players: Double clicking on token of owned PC in the combat tracker will open the map the token is on, if any
    Select Token On Turn Start
    Grey Out Inactive Combatants
    Combat Tracker Hover On Selects Matching Token
    Combat Tracker Hover On Highlights Matching Token
    Combat Tracker Hover On Centers on Matching Token
    Combat Tracker Hover Off Centers on Active Combatant Token
    Combat Tracker Hover Off Token Select
    Token Hover On Scrolls To Matching CT Entry
    Token Hover On Highlights Matching CT Entry
    Token Hover Off Scrolls Back To Active CT Entry

    This one has the worst description so far. It's mainly a list of features. It does stuff related to the combat tracker and the tokens on the map. Highlighting, activating, and more. I discovered this one rather late, but it's awesome. It really helps in seeing what's going on. I personally didn't care for the centering of the map when hovering on the combat tracker. Too jumpy for me. Everything can be turned off/on, so that was easily fixed.

    No issues encountered.
    Name	CSV Table Importer MK
    Author	mattekure (John Waite)
    Source	FG forum
    Support	FG forum
    Official description
    This extension allows you to import the contents of a Comma Separated Values(CSV) file into either:
    1. Formatted text control. Importing the CSV into a formatted text control will create it as a formatted table.
    2. Rollable table. Importing into a blank rollable table entry will generate all of the rows and columns for the rollable table.

    Import bulk data. I wanted to add quite some data from an old campaign. It was all in a table. Tables in Fantasy Grounds are hard to set up, but easy when used. So use external tooling like this.

    No issues expected or encountered.
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    SilentRuin and mattekure are in the lead, and I'm not done with them yet. Thanks both.

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    Appreciate these reviews, keep them coming.
    For support with any of my extensions, visit my #mattekure-stuff channel on Rob2e's discord https://discord.gg/rob2e

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    This is very useful for new users and users with more experience. Thank you!

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