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    LFP - Alien

    Reed is dead. We found his body on the refinery module. Whoever did it broke his ribs and tore his god-damn heart right out of his chest. I've never seen so much blood. I’ve messaged the Colonial Marshals to send a security team to rendezvous with us.
    I’d pass out the guns, but I don’t know if one of us is the killer, or if we have a stowaway. For now, I'll be the only one armed.

    Hello Marine, trader, traveler... I'll be honest upfront. Your chances are slim... but you have my sympathies.

    I'm looking for players to join me in the award winning game 'Alien'.

    I'm an experienced GM, and I'm looking for roleplay experienced players.
    Roleplaying is the art of gaming, storytelling and theatre combined.
    For this horror-themed game it is important that you can stay in character, and not merely roll and play, but actually act out what's happening in the world around you.
    It’s your job as a player to portray your PC and imagine yourself in their boots. Your PC is a person with feelings and dreams, just like yourself. Try to imagine—how would you react if you were in their place? What would you do?
    The player characters are always the protagonists of the story. The game is about you. Your decisions, your story.
    Needless to say I like immersive gameplay.

    I'm from Belgium, GMT +2.
    We will play this game in the weekend, daytime or evening, whatever fits for everyone around the table.
    We will first play the oneshot adventures of this game that have been published, afterwards I would like to dive in the campaign setting that's coming out in June, where you will play as marines.

    The system itself is really easy, so the focus can be on storytelling.

    Interested or request more information?
    Leave a comment down below.
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    Hi KillerRabbit,
    I'd be interested. Never played this game before but been looking at it a lot recently. I'm based in the UK. I could do short sessions in evening Mon- Thurs but would prefer to find a game on the weekend when things are a bit more relaxed. Could do either Sat or Sun later on.

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